#FMHI90 Fitness Journey

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Being a lifestyle brand we didn’t want to launch our fitness line this upcoming Black Friday without putting in the work. We partnered up with @ufchonolulu , @vdnhawaii , and @omalzafitness to create a 90-day fitness journey.  

For friends and fam that are on Oahu, beginning this Saturday, September 15th at 10 am (and every Saturday for the rest of the month) @ufcgymhonolulu will be hosting a Farmers DUT class for members and non-members. These classes will be free, and through attending, you can receive up to a 1-month free membership.

For friends and fam that are located in Las Vegas, Omalza Fitness will be running 8am Saturday classes, that will be free of charge for one month starting September 22nd. If you have any questions plz contact Ian at @omalzafitness

How to enter:
Sign up via email. Post your start date photo (which will be on 9/15/18) and tag @farmersmarkethawaii and hashtag #FMHI90. We will manually enter your photos to our re-vamped website where everyone will be able to check their progress. You don’t have to be in Hawaii to enter but IG profiles must be public. 

Starting Date: 
Saturday, September 15th, 2018
Progress photos are to be posted every Saturday for the entire 90-day journey.

1. A healthy lifestyle 
2. Exclusive Farmers gear 
3. Farmers Market Hawaii gift cards 
4. Free 6-month membership at UFC gyms (including 1 on 1 coaching) 
5. Hundreds of dollar in-store credit at Vegas Discount Nutrition Hawaii

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